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Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Medium Reflector (250w-600w)

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Medium Reflector (250w-600w)


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Product Description

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Medium Reflector (250w-600w)

The Adjust-A-Wings reflector's original design combines cutting edge science with biological beauty and simplicity to create a reflector system of unparalleled performance and versatility.

The Adjust-A-Wings reflector can be adjusted to wide settings and positioned incredibly close to plants for maximum light transferal (growing power) and area coverage. Alternatively, the wings may be adjusted to more narrow settings and positioned further from plants to suit the light and heat requirements of more sensitive plants or plant stages.

The adjustable nature and even spread of the light foot print gives growers the unique ability to create seasonal (spring, summer, autumn) conditions indoors and effectively trigger their plants natural hormone cycles for faster growth, better healthand maturity and major yield increases.

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