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Vitalink Bat Guano

Vitalink Bat Guano


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Product Description

Vitalink Bat Guano

NPK 3:10:1

This 100% organic fertiliser can also be used in seedbeds and on lawns, or applied directly to soil either in a powder form or mixed with water to form a guano tea.

VitaLink Bat Guano can also be mixed with topsoil or other composts to enrich the mixture.It will improve the condition of the soil, speed up compost decomposition and also helps improve a plants resistance to fungal attacks.

Other Benefits:

- Soil builder and cleanser
- Compost activator
- Increases a plant’s ability to feed
- Reduced fungal infections
- Wide range of natural chelates* for great structural stability

*Natural organic compounds with a high molecular weight

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Weight 1 kg
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3.5kg, 700g


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