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Bubble Bag Kit – 5 Gallon 4 bag

Bubble Bag Kit – 5 Gallon 4 bag


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Product Description

Bubble Bag Kit - 5 Gallon 4 bag

The Original Bubble Bags are the highest quality plant essence extractors in the world.Produce the world’s finest herbal extract with no contaminants or chemicals and ndash; all you need is ice and water.Our screens are top quality German monofilament screens.

The polyester screen is heat stamped to keep the fibers from shifting, retaining a consistent pore size and preventing contamination of your extracts.
Bubble Bags use the strongest nylon fabric. Our nylon sidewalls are 100% waterproof, 800 thread count nylon for the 5 gallon bags and 400 thread count for the 1 gallon bags. The waterproof coating is PVC free.

-Triple stitched with 100% nylon bonded thread for extra strength.
-Bubble Bags™ can be used for years, 100 times or more.
-The 5 Gallon Bubble Bag kits can process up to half pound or approximately 200 grams (dry weight) of plant material at a time.
-Screen sizes: 220, 160, 73 and 25μm

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