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Buddhas Tree Coco A&B

Buddhas Tree Coco A&B


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Product Description

Buddhas Tree Coco A&B

For years Buddhas Tree have only specialised in designing and developing top-of-the-line additives, but they’ve finally released a brand new Coco A+B base nutrient!

Coco A&B is a premium base nutrient, containing all the essential nutrients a plant needs when grown in this substrate.

- Specifically tailored to the characteristics of cocos substrates
- Highest of quality base nutrient, designed and developed by industry titan Buddhas Tree
- Rich in high-value elements, and highly versatile
- Can be used for both the growth and bloom cycles of plant’s development
- Easy to use, without any added fuss of needing other nutrients
- Uses chelated nutrients for better nutrient absorption and uptake

Buddha’s Tree Coco A&B is a base nutrient specifically for use with plants grown in Coco. It supplies all the basic nutrients required by plants for strong, healthy growth in all stages of the plant’s development.

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Weight 2.5 kg
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