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Infrared Thermometer with Laser

Infrared Thermometer with Laser


Product Description

Infrared Thermometer with Laser

Pistol grip infrared thermometer, measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Laser pointer for pinpoint targeting. Large LCD screen with backlit display. Measuring range -50°C to +380°C and accuracy of +/-1.5°C.

This gadget can measure leaf temperature allowing you to calculate vapour pressure deficit levels in the grow area. VPD tells us a lot more about plants transpiration rates than just using the typical measurement of air temperature. By knowing what the temperature of your leaves is and RH then VPD can be calculated, giving the grower a far more accurate idea of how quickly a plant is transpiring. Optimal transpiration leads to optimal plant health and growth speed meaning this IR thermometer can really make a huge difference to the success of your growing!

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