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Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold 600w 400v and 240v

Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold 600w 400v and 240v


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Product Description

Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold 400v and 240v

Suitable for use with 400v or 240v MH/HPS Lamps

The Pro Max GOLD 600W is designed for use with 400V (HPS) lamps or 240V (Metal Halide/HPS) lamps. This intelligent ballast identifies the correct voltage required to power the lamp and automatically adapts to the correct voltage, so you don’t even need to remember to flick a switch. This saves time, money and effort by not needing to change your set up and allows greater flexibility of use during the growing cycle. By only changing the lamp in your setup it minimizes disruption to your plants and allows you to quickly change from using a 240V Metal Halide (Growing lamp) to a 400V HPS (Flowering/Fruiting lamp) with ease. The Pro Max GOLD 600W also has all the features of the original Pro Max housed within its shiny gold casing.

- Identifies if a 400V or a 240V lamp is being used and adapts accordingly
- Suitable for use with 400V or 240V lamps
- Surge Control
- Soft start technology for longer lamp life and continual efficient output
- Fast Lamp re-strike ensures hot lamps start as quickly as possible
- Selectable Power Modes: 400W, 500W, 600Wand 660W Super
- Dynamic frequency control for constant regulated output
- Diagnostic LED feature
- Silent Running and lightweight

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