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RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L

RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L



Product Description

RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L

The RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier 13L Tank offers the biggest tank capacity of any humidifier on the hobby market.

It has a humidification rate of 1100ml per hour and offers an analogue control allowing you to set the unit to produce the amount of humidity that you need.

Four nozzles and an extra hole allow you to get an even distribution of mist in your growing environment.

The unit also offers auto cut-off which protects the humidifier in cases where your water reservoir becomes empty.

Technical Specifications:

Water tank capacity: 13L
Rate power: 85W
Rated evaporation: 1100ml/h
Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
Noise: ≤35dB(A

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg


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