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Trimzilla 18″ Warrior Cut Trimmer

Trimzilla 18″ Warrior Cut Trimmer



Product Description

Trimzilla 18" Warrior Cut Trimmer

The Trimzilla Warrior Cut automates the process of trimming, making life easier by tackling large quantities of material quickly and effectively. Just drop your plant matter into the chamber and the open the hatch up when it looks ready. The finished goods will then run down the collection slide.

- Automated trimming - requires very little effort
- A real bargain - represents exceptional value for money
- Saves hours of time compared to using trimming scissors
- Great for taking care of large quantities of material
- Collects trim for further processing
- Very easy to operate and clean
- Comes with a powerful motor - no need to drive the blades by hand!
- Three speed settings

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg


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